Diamondback Response 2017 Mountain Bike

Before purchasing this bike, I read online customer reviews. This cycle is high. Initially the design, as well as color, has been my main offer as most other bikes look a bit childish. The tires have a very presto valve. Therefore you may need a connection when trying to put air and there is simply no kickstand.

Great bike! It rides better than my Harley. I am 6 feet tall and almost bought the 22-inch size, but the 20 fits well. I could have gotten the 18” size. Use the size guide plus when in doubt, go lower.

A couple of years ago I had an excellent experience with buying a more expensive mountain bike online, and I was wishing I could overcome the odds by returning my success on the low-end side with the Response.

Alas, it appears the odds remained accumulated against me. Once I completed the assembly, I noticed that there was more wrong with this bike than what I was willing to fix myself.
Diamondback Response Mountain BikeSpecifications:

  • 100mm postponement, interruption fork for smooth riding over difficult terrain
  • 7 Velocity drive train to see anyone through the ride
  • 29″ dimension wheels for effortless navigation over enormous obstacles
  • Mechanical Compact disk Brakes for increased stopping power
  • Redesigned Response 6061-T6 Aluminum frame
  • Sizes are 14″ X small 16″ Tiny 18″ Medium 20″ Large 22″ X large

Features :

It comes with efficient physical disc brakes to make sure you don’t have to face concerns when you need immediate stopping.

It has a Suntour XCT fork setup with 28.6mm stanchions, which means you could have total command on the trail without having to confront any trouble in any way.

It has 7-speed drive train to ensure you can have a comfortable, as well as new riding knowledge right from the word, get.

It uses a metal frame to provide you with the sort of durability you expect coming from a high-end mountain bike.
It comes equipped with high-quality 29-inch wheels to make sure you find it easy to navigate above larger obstacles.

It has suspension pay with a travel length of 100mm to offer a comfortable ride even though you’re exploring some rough terrain.


  • Swiftly delivered and easy to set up; you just need a collection of hex wrenches
  • Incredibly an easy task to shift and perfect for road activities
  • Sturdy handlebar for long rides
  • Attractive aluminum frame with the bike makes it ideal for all conditions
  • Comes with a high price point and available regarding as little as $300 on Amazon


  • Some customers’ complaint about the size of the actual pedals
  • This bike doesn’t arrive preassembled.


Overall, users are very delighted by the Diamondback 2014 Response. This diamondback overdrive 29er review is a step up originating from a generic department store exercise bike and provides a lot of valuation for the price.

Should you be looking for a bike that one could ride around the area and take on strenuous expeditions, you should consider offering this bike the opportunity.

You can easily affect the pedals or couch if you find them to end up being uncomfortable. It works smoothly on just about all trails and goes along with the stopping power you anticipate from a top-notch bicycle with the Prom as mechanical disc tires. So, you will adore this bike if you are a reliable partner regarding all your mountain riding expeditions.

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